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Individually designed homes with an approach to luxury living without sacrificing quality.

Beautiful Is In The Details

Opal Homes is building more than beautiful homes; we’re building places where your family can make a lifetime of memories. Each home we build is carefully designed to ensure it remains a place of quality and comfort for years to come. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love your home and will want to share your building experience with family and friends.

Opal Homes is a customer-focused company full of passionate, dedicated people who care about delivering a memorable building experience.

Whether you’re building your first home, creating your dream home, or looking for a subdivision, you’ve come to the right place. Let our experience guide you through the design and  building process. From the biggest decisions to the smallest details, Opal Homes is by your side so you can build a home that is unique to your family.

Put your dream home design project into capable hands that you can trust.

Request a free consultation today and take the next step toward making your dream home a reality.

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